Transformative Research Center


E-SToPP invites university/college students, faculty, fellows, teachers, leaders, administrators, staff, and community, and others to participate with us on transformative research projects.
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Transformative Research Base

  • Critical Classroom Discourse
  • Critical Race Theory of Education
  • Critical Microethnography
  • Critical Multicultural Literacies, Pedagogy, and Empowering Education
  • Culturally Responsive, Trauma-Informed, Strengths-based Theories
  • Theory and Pedagogy
  • Critical Social Practice Theory of Learning
  • Critical Sociocultural Perspectives on Teaching, Learning, and Classroom Discipline
  • Critical Theory Perspective on Social Class, Race, Gender, Teaching, and Learning
  • Freirean Approach to Literacy Education
  • Transformative Urban Education and Teacher Education
  • Restorative Practices
  • And More

Research Projects

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Scholarly Publications