Our Transformative Praxis Model

E-SToPP’s transformative praxis model draws from critical race, social, collaborative, reflexive, strengths-based, social justice-oriented, culturally competent, and trauma-informed teacher education and professional development theories and practices that align with our mission and vision to transform teaching and learning cultures across systems.

Our praxis goal is to empower and prepare teachers, mentors, interns, and other involved adults to act as change agents who will, in turn, empower and prepare youth who are caught in the school-to-prison pipeline to act as change agents, attend school consistently, succeed academically and socially, prepare for successful reentry, stay away from crime, and graduate from high school successfully.

Change agents engage in transformative and equitable educational opportunities with high expectations, care, and a broad understanding of how to build on participants’ cultural backgrounds, strengths, and needs, often based on traumatic experiences.

Transformative praxis could dramatically transform classrooms and, ultimately, public schools, juvenile justice education, and our society!

E-SToPP offers transformative praxis orientations, practicums, workshops, and seminars for college/university faculty and students, teachers, staff, administrators, professionals, para-professionals, volunteers, mentors, counselors, social workers, interns, fellows, and other involved adults who desire to work with or to work more successfully with youth involved in or at risk of being involved in the school-to-prison pipeline for the purpose of prevention, intervention, and transformation of the school-to-prison pipeline. If interested, Join Our Team