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Partnerships and More

E-SToPP seeks partnerships with schools, facilities, community-based programs, and others who are interested in transforming the school-to-prison pipeline through shared commitment and understanding of the core values, principles, and tasks of equity-centered trauma-informed education as unconditional critical love, anti-racist, anti-oppression, asset-based, systems-oriented, human-centered, universal and proactive, and social justice focused:

  • E-SToPP’s Transformative Research, Education, and Praxis
  • E-SToPP’s Education Debt Reparations
  • E-SToPP’s Paradigm Shift
  • E-SToPP’ Elimination of Exclusionary School Discipline
  • E-SToPP’s Exclusionary School Discipline First Responders
  • E-SToPP’s Setting Up a Kind, Loving, Welcoming Climate for Learning
  • E-SToPP’s Transformative Literacy Pedagogy

If you are interested in partnering with us, Contact Us.

Internships and More

E-SToPP offers year-round university/college course credit internship, research assistantship, SELI fellowship, work study, practicum, community service project, service learning, and student organization community service opportunities through our partnering [universities/colleges]. Ask your university/college professor or department for details.

If you're interested in any of this opportunities, Contact Us.   E-SToPP's Internships & More Application

Transformative Research Center

E-SToPP invites doctoral students, fellows, faculty, teachers, schools, and others to participate with us on university-led transformative research projects and grants. If you are interested in joining our team or developing a partnership with us, Contact Us.

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Transformative Education Center

E-SToPP seeks to develop innovative school-, facility-, or community-based partnerships with transformative-minded juvenile judges, public schools, alternative and juvenile justice education programs, universities, colleges, community members, businesses, governmental departments, healthcare professions, organizations, and others to develop our transformative education model.  If you are interested in joining our team or developing a partnership with us, Contact Us.

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Transformative Praxis Center

E-SToPP offers transformative and collaborative teacher education, leadership mentoring, and professional development practicums, workshops, and seminars for college/university students, teachers, staff, administrators, faculty, professionals, para-professionals, volunteers, mentors, counselors, social workers, interns, and other community members who desire to work with or to work more successfully with youth involved in the school-to-prison pipeline.  We also provide orientations, supervised internships, and trainings in transformative literacy pedagogy and other E-SToPP core values and principles for the purpose of preventing, avoiding, and eliminating the school-to-prison pipeline (i.e. exclusionary school discipline).  If you are interested in joining our team or developing a partnership with us, Contact Us.