Transformative Schools

E-SToPP Transformative Schools are coming soon!   

Read our bold and compelling idea for E-SToPP Transformative Schools below:

We propose a network of transformative schools and educational opportunities established to eradicate the school-to-prison pipeline.  To date, youth involved in or at risk of dropping out, suspension, expulsion, or incarceration have no viable 4-year option for graduating high school and re-entering school and community successfully through higher education, the workforce, and civic life.  E-SToPP Transformative Schools set out to change these inequities with our bold and compelling idea of capacity-building in Miami-Dade County Public Schools to ensure successful reentry and graduation of youth in the school-to-prison pipeline.  E-SToPP Transformative Schools are a grass-roots effort to continually reinvent how schooling is done with a (a) purposeful collaboration among all systems; and (b) transparent and effectively operationalized educational trajectory.  E-SToPP Transformative Schools offer youth timely and unique support mechanisms when their educational trajectory is disrupted, including (a) virtual and mobile mentoring support; (b) face-to-face support in traditional and nontraditional public schools; and (c) comprehensive family-community teaching-learning outreach-reentry hubs and resource centers to serve the unique needs, strengths, and goals of its youth, families, and communities.  Grounded in its transformative conceptual purposes, core values, and guiding principles, E-SToPP Transformative Schools are “safe haven” reentry models for empowering youth who have been disproportionately funneled into the school-to-prison pipeline.  E-SToPP Transformative Schools have the potential to both transform high school learning and launch a nationwide trauma-informed continuum of care model for our society’s schools.  Trauma-informed care in E-SToPP Transformative School strategically navigates youth through disrupted educational trajectories to successful reentry, graduation, and beyond.

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