PPLM Pen Pal Letter Written by Jamare Hall


I was once you

I was once you, I was once sad feeling down and blue

I was once in your shoes, I once thought trouble was cool

I was once a product of my environment, not once did I listen, time after time again

I was once in the back of a police car. Yea I once did it, not thinking about the crimes I


I once hurt a family, including mine too, but no one’s perfect even saints make mistakes too

I once hated myself, I once blamed myself, and I continued to play the victim until I forgave


I once ran out of luck, I once remember feeling stuck, I once never realized until time was up

I once been through the struggle and more than once I watched the system take my brothers

I once changed my life and just that ONCE it made a difference, I made better decisions for me. I

was once you, now I have a college degree.