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  • PPLM Pen Pal Letters Written by Students of Barry University BMS Program

    Dear future leader, I cannot put myself in your shoes right now because I have not been where you have been or seen the things you have seen. Our life experiences may be the complete opposite, or just alike. Who knows. Either way, I am here to offer some words of encouragement because that’s something […]

  • PPLM Pen Pal Letter Written by Jamare Hall

    I was once you I was once you, I was once sad feeling down and blue I was once in your shoes, I once thought trouble was cool I was once a product of my environment, not once did I listen, time after time again I was once in the back of a police car. […]

  • PPLM Pen Pal Letters

    Dear Mentee, You might get a lot of letters telling you how special you are and how much of the world you can conquer but no one can make the first step to success but you. Everyone has such amazing contributions they can make to better the world and you definitely have every bit of […]