Category: Mia Wilson

  • Brownsville Middle School Falcon Fest

    I attended the annual Brownsville Middle School Falcon Fest. The fest was to honor the students who completed Saturday School Academy. These classes prepare students to pass the Florida Standard Assessment test. Some of the students received bikes for their academic achievements. It was a good way to bring the community together.The event got me thinking […]

  • Cash for Kids

    Today’s critical reflection takes us to Luzerne county Pennsylvania. In February of 2011 former county judge Mark Ciavarella was convicted on 12 out of 39 rackateering charges and sentenced to 28 years in Federal prison. Although Ciavarella was convicted under the RICO statute, his true crime was taking part in a scheme to open a […]

  • Concerning Violence

    Today, I watched a documentary called Concerning Violence. It ever so vividly illustrated colonialism in Africa through film footage from the 1970’s. The script used to tell this story was Frantz Fanon’s, “The Wretched of the Earth”; narration was done by Lauren Hill. I actual have this book. I bought it after I took a […]